Austin Health

Austin Health comprises the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital and the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre and is an internationally recognised leader in clinical teaching and training.

Austin Health provides mental health services to children and young people and adults with a mental illness. Austin Health has governance of the following Area Mental Health Services: North Eastern Child & Adolescent Area Mental Health Service, North East Adult Area Mental Health Service,

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Austin Health Hospitals

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Austin Hospital

Austin Health, 145-161 Studley Road, HEIDELBERG, VIC 3084

Austin Hospital provides acute beds, intensive care, one of the state's largest adult emergency units (including a specialist unit for children), and a purpose-built, high-tech spinal unit to serve all of Victoria and Tasmania. The hospital also has mental health precinct with adult mental health beds. The Austin in...

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Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

300 Waterdale Road, HEIDELBERG WEST, VIC 3081

The Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital continues to treat Veterans and War Widows and also provides services to the wider community including, day surgery, palliative care, mental health services, aged care, and outpatient services such as radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and radiology.

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Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre

1 Yarra Boulevard, KEW, VIC 3101

The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre is a specialist provider of intensive rehabilitation programs, providing a comprehensive and co-ordinated range of medical, nursing, therapy and support services to people with a wide range of disabilities.

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