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Bethlehem Hospital

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About Bethlehem Hospital

Calvary Health Care Bethlehem provides palliative, neurological and allied health services. The service provides compassionate care and support service to those diagnosed with an active, progressive incurable illness. The service provides inpatient, outpatient and community based care. Medical services include palliative, neurological, geriatric, psychiatric, respiratory care and specialist nursing.

Bethlehem Hospital is a member of Calvary Health Care Bethlehem Ltd.

Performance Data Summary

Jan - Mar 2018
Jan - Mar 2018

Contact Details

Bethlehem Hospital
Bethlehem Hospital, 476 Kooyong Road, CAULFIELD SOUTH, VIC 3162

 Voice/ Land Line: (03) 9596 2853

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Services at Bethlehem Hospital

  • Counselling
  • Disability information/referral
  • Health information/referral
  • Neurology
  • Nursing
  • Palliative Medicine
  • Respite care